Ashley Lee
Kaitlin Mahr
Sara Rose Hougom

"A Chance to Dance Foundation" is proud to announce the following scholarships:

  • Ashley Lee Memorial Scholarship
  • Kaitlin Mahr Memorial Scholarship
  • Sara Rose Hougom Memorial Scholarship
  • The Opportunity Fund Scholarship to Support Excellence, Diversity, Special Needs and Financial Needs

Ashley’s love of dance began at age 4.  From the moment she started class with Miss Misty she was a natural at every style of dance she tried, whether it was ballet, jazz, or hip hop.  She was a dynamo on the stage, as well, with a combination of showmanship and sheer athleticism that made it hard to take your eyes off of her.  She was an accomplished student at Logan High School, where her dedication and drive to achieve could be seen on the volleyball court, on the softball field, and on stage dancing and singing in the front row with the Class Act Show Choir.  She was also a member of the National Honor Society.   Ashley was a beautiful friend, sister and daughter with a smile and energy that would light up a room.  Ashley died on May 5, 2004, just before her high school graduation.  Her family hopes to honor her memory through this scholarship and to encourage other young dancers to experience Ashley’s joy and accomplishment in dance.

Kaitlin’s love of dance began at age 4.  She had it all: technique, grace, discipline, and the drive to succeed.  But even with all that she had to be herself.  Let’s face it; she wasn’t your typical ballerina!  The ballet dress code consists of pink tights, black leotard and pink point shoes.  Not Katie.  She would show up to class in torn pink tights, black leotard and multicolored striped socks and pointe shoes.  No matter what Misty, she said could make Katie not wear un-ripped tights.  Over her dancing career she would continue wearing those torn tights, a black tutu and red pointe shoes that we colored with a magic marker.  Katie continued to dance until she left to go to Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin.  She felt a void in her life at college since she didn’t have the opportunity to dance very much.  Dancing had been a large part of her life for so long.  Katie did dance with the Malee Dance Troupe at Lawrence, but it just wasn’t the same.  While attending Lawrence she developed a mental illness, bipolar disorder.  Katie lost her battle with depression on November 19, 2007.  Through our terrible grief and loss we have to believe she is “Forever Dancing”.

Sara Rose Hougom began dance lessons with Miss Misty at Marilyn’s School of Dance, with the support of her Grandma Carol. She continued studying jazz, tap, hip-hop, lyrical and ballet through her high school years at Misty’s Dance Unlimited. As a youth, Sara performed with the Wildcats dance squad for the La Crosse Bobcats. Later, while in college, she danced with the Lady Spartans for the La Crosse Spartans football team.  Sara was a 2009 graduate of West Salem High School where she was a member of the West Salem Poms Dance Team, which went to state twice while Sara was a member. Sara is the perfect daughter, her mom and her dad are so very proud of her. She was a great role model for her brother, Tim, who will always love her and will continue to look up to her. She often brightened the day of her grandparents and especially loved to simply pop in to visit and talk with her Grandma Sylvia. She loved spending time with her friends and, likewise, her friends loved being with her. It was said by many that Sara had a smile that could light up a room and she always tried her best to make everyone happy. Sara had an energetic zest for life.  Sara passed away on Monday, March 26, 2012 at the age of 20.   Her family and friends hope to give other children the chance to experience Sara’s love for dance through this scholarship in her name.