This Year’s Scholarships

“A Chance to Dance Foundation” is proud to announce the following scholarships:

lois schwab

Lois Schwab Memorial Scholarship

Lois learned to dance at an early age and enjoyed participating in it all her life.  We are sure she would be pleased to know that other young people will have help learning to dance with support provided in her name.

Peter Woerpel

The Peter Woerpel “Positive Impact” Scholarship

The Peter Woerpel “Positive Impact” Scholarship was inspired by our late father and husband, Peter Woerpel. He had a heart for the Onalaska school district, its community members, and Misty’s Dance. With this scholarship, his family wishes to acknowledge a dancer who is a positive role-model and exemplifies leadership not only in dance, but also in the Onalaska school district and community. 

dave and barb skogen

The Dave and Barb Skogen “Live Your Dash” Scholarship

The Dave and Barb Skogen “Live Your Dash” Scholarship was inspired by the poem “The Dash” by Linda Ellis, which focuses on how the composite of our life is what happens in the “dash” between our birth and death dates. As such the Skogens encourage young people to lives of service to others. The “Live Your Dash” scholarship will be awarded to a dancer who exemplifies community service.


Elizabeth (Beth) Jacobsen Daniels Scholarship

The Elizabeth (Beth) Jacobsen Daniels Scholarship is for a pre-teen or teenage dancer who takes either tap or ballet classes. Beth did all she could to ensure that dance education is inclusive of all people, regardless of a dancer’s age, skill, physical stature, or difference of ability. Miss Beth believed that dancing helps free you from your worries, clear your head, and allows you to be your true unique self.

Ashley Lee Memorial Scholarship

Ashley Lee Memorial Fund Performance Company Scholarship

The Ashley Lee Performance Company Scholarship is for Performance Company dancers who are high achievers, working hard at school and at dance. It’s meant to reward dedicated dancers like Ashley who
excelled in showmanship and in the classroom.

Kaitlin Mahr Memorial Scholarship

Kaitlin Mahr Memorial Fund One-of-a-Kind Scholarship

The Kaitlin Mahr One-of-a-Kind Scholarship is for a dancer facing extreme hardship and who is overcoming adversity through dance. It is a rare scholarship for rare situations and, in the spirit of Kaitlin, is reserved for dancers who are uniquely themselves. It provides up to $25,000 in funding.

Sara Rose Hougom Memorial Scholarship

Sara Rose Hougom Heart of Dance Scholarship

The Sara Rose Hougom Heart of Dance Scholarship is designed specifically for the passionate dancer who leaves happiness in their wake. It is for dancers like Sara who are as passionate about kindness and inclusivity as they are about dance.

Cayden Bauer Apprentice Scholarship

The Cayden Bauer Apprentice Scholarship is for young dancers who are compassionate and loving friends to others. In memory of Cayden, it’s for dancers in building levels and beginning graded levels.

Kennet M. Oberly Ballet Arts Scholarship

The Kennet M. Oberly Ballet Arts Scholarship is designed for the serious ballet student—someone attending pre-professional classes, participating in Ballet La Crosse, competing at the Youth America Grand Prix or participating in another high-level ballet activity.

General Fund

General scholarship funds may be available for families whose dancers do not fit the criteria for our named scholarships. These scholarships are need-based and awarded to students who demonstrate the qualities of leadership, strong work ethic, school and community involvement and academic achievement in addition to potential in dance or the potential to benefit from dance.